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To provide affordable rental solutions with zero brokerage or low security deposits.

What is Segura ?

Segura is a rental solution for young professionals who are looking for shared accommodations and families who are looking for full houses.

What do we do?

Segura onboards owners and their houses and rents it out to tenants. Segura provides convenience to the owner in terms of showing the house to potential tenants, rent collection and service and maintenance of the property.

How it works?

Once you share your details on our website, a Segura representative will get in touch with you. Once the discussion proceeds, there will be a Property Inspection. Further, we will move to the rental agreement.
Voila, you are now a part of the Segura family.


If you don’t like the house for whatever reason WITHIN 3 DAYS of move-in, we shall process your refund after deducting ONLY the rent for the number of days from license start date + On-boarding Charges. Notice period and lock-in does not apply when you cancel within 3 days of move-in.

Booking confirmation by Owner

  • In all the houses which are under owner’s confirmation policy, tenants need to pay the Security deposit 4 days prior to License start date and also submit KYC documents(as mentioned in Documents policy) 4 days prior to move-in date for verification by the Owner. The move-in date will be extended in the event any tenant fails to submit the required document within the above stipulated time.

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To provide affordable rental solutions with zero brokerage or low security deposits.